Russian-speaking therapists

Finding a therapist who speaks Russian can be complicated. That's why we've collected all the Russian-speaking therapists doing both online and in-person sessions here.

Did you know that studies have been made which show that doing therapy in your mother tongue is more effective than doing nonnative therapy?

When therapy happens in your native language, it can be easier to express your full story complete with emotions and culturally bound details. So rather than searching for a therapist with a specific approach, like CBT, psychoanalysis, or Gestalt therapy, you can simply begin your search by looking for a counsellor who speaks your native language.

It's Complicated It's Complicated
Larisa Kharlanova

Accreditated Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst in Krong Kampot

I am a Russian and English-speaking Jungian analyst train....

Dima Kononenko

Therapist in Odesa

I believe the source of strength and healing is inside of....

Alina Trubchaninova

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist in-training in Lisbon

As a Psychologist and Gestalt therapist in-training, I he....

Yosef Starkin

Relational psychotherapist in Berlin



Psychiatrist in Athens

I am a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst from Athens Greece.....


Russian speaking psychologist in Kyiv

Я русскоговорящий практикующий гештальт-терапевт из Украи....

Oleg Linetsky

Psychoanalyst, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Transformational Coach in Kyiv in Kyiv

I help people overcome difficulties of high complexity. W....


Conseling Psychologist (M.Sc), Russian speaking psychologist in Antalya

Практикующий психолог в парадигме транзакного анализа и п....


Gestalt terapist. Privat practice in

Я психолог и гештальт-терапевт, специализируюсь на телесн....


Psychologist and Counsellor in Kyiv

I am a client-centered psychologist. I work with problems....

Ioana Montel

EMDR trained psychotherapist in Vienna

*Предлагаю бесплатную терапию людям в Украине.* ДПДГ - Де....


Accredited gestalt therapist and councellor in Poznań

I help people adapt to change, understand the essence of ....

Andriy Kostynyuk

Licensed Mental Health Counselor - US in Little Ferry


Ivan Solev

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist (CBT) in Moscow

В первую очередь я здесь для того, чтобы оказать всю возм....

Yuliia Kurchyk

in Ivano-Frankivsk

Practitioner psychologist, consultant in the method of CP....

Evgeny Shvedovskiy

Neuropsychologist in Moscow

An English-speaking clinical psychologist/neuropsychologi....

Lina Milner

Relationship and Sex Therapist in London

I offer specialist help and clinical support with sexual....

Maksym Slonskyi

Crisis counselor in London

Пройшов повну підготовку з кризового втручання та кризово....

Margarita Shavlovska

psychologist, sexologist in Kyiv

I work on an interpersonal psychoanalytic approach. I bel....

Jelena Nosareva

Psychologist, Counsellor in Charneca de Caparica

I am consulting both in Russian, English and Lithuanian. ....

Irina Furman

Psychologist in Munich

Offering consultations to give you ground, treat pain and....

Anna Sircova

Clinical Psychologist (PhD), Existential Analysis and Logotherapy in Copenhagen in Copenhagen

My work concentrates on saying "yes" to life, on finding ....

Александра Саман

Психолог, Гипнолог, Психосоматолог, Нейрокоуч in Kherson

Помогаю убирать первопричины психотравм, негативных эмоци....

Volodymyr Garipov

Accredited Psychotherapist in Uzhhorod

I am a clinical psychologist and gestalt therapist from ....

Olena Bolycheva

Ukrainian-speaking psychologist, Russian-speaking psychologist. in Kyiv

Intensive, operational psychological assistance to people....


Clinical Psychoanalyst and psychologist in Funchal

Ukrainian and Russian-speaking psychologist and psychoana....

Anna Epelman

Conseling Psychologist (M.Sc), trauma therapist in Almaty

Консультирующий психолог в парадигме транзакнтого анализа....

Anna Suchkova

Psychological Counsellor, Gestalt therapist in training in Huizen

Консультант з психології, гештальт терапевт у навчанні. Я....

Svetlana Jurojc

Gestalt therapist in Gdańsk

I offer gestalt psychotherapy sessions. I have an online ....


MSc Psychologist in Kyiv

One of the most exciting journeys is the journey to ourse....

Nataliya Sidorenko

Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc) and Psychoanalist in Berlin

I am psychoanalytically oriented psychologist from Russia....

Anna Ostanina

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist in-training in Hamburg

Работаю в гештальт подходе с темами отношений, самооценки....

Dr Christo van Meer

Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist in Tbilisi

I combine CBT, mindfullness, Jungian psychotherapy and tr....

Andreas Klaus

Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy in Berlin

Therapeut für imaginative Psychotherapie mit Musik.

Desislava Meijer

Accredited Psychologist in Capelle aan den IJssel

Over the years my work has been focused on families with ....

Irina Demacheva

Clinical Psychologist in Ottawa

I am a Psychologist practicing in Ottawa, Canada. I provi....

Julia Litvinova

Clinical Psychologist & Psychological Counselor in Kyiv

Hey! My name is Julia, I am a clinical psychologist in Ky....

Viktoriia Paniotova

MSc Psychologist, Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy, Gestalt therapist in training in Berlin

I offer psychological counselling in English, Russian and....