Edita Henzl

Edita Henzl

Conversational partner - MSc in Psychotherapy - Systemic Relational Individual and Family Therapist

90 € / session

120 € / More people session (90 min)

80 € / Online session

Available for both online and in person sessions in Berlin

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90 € / session

Edita Henzl

Conversational partner - MSc in Psychotherapy - Systemic Relational Individual and Family Therapist in Berlin

"You have the knowledge, the experience and the power of your own creativity to meet your desire for healthy relationships and a quality life."

About Edita

Searching is what best defines me. I have travelled and lived in different places. I moved from the Czech Republic to the UK, then to Mexico and now to Berlin. During my moves, I have picked up several languages and developed a sensitivity to culture and the webs of meanings that define our lives. I’ve always had a curiosity for understanding the world we live in and how we choose to do so, which led me to study sociology and ultimately, towards trying to explore the rich variety of human experiences and relationships, through studies and practice of psychotherapy.

I enjoy being witness to change. I am honoured and humbled by my encounters with clients, seeing them overcome adversities and face the challenges in their lives, be it personal or professional. I chose this work because I believe that humane connection and respectful relationships can make a difference.

My Approach

My work is centered on the dialogue. I hope to be a good conversational partner for you. When we meet, I try to be present and responsive, listening attentively. I also focus my attention on the natural resilience and resources you possess. By this approach, I am trying to create a safe space for perspective mixing, improvisation, and creativity. In such a space, change can happen, new meanings are created, problems may dissolve and possibilities open. I believe creating such a space is the expertise I offer.

I have been lucky to work in a variety of contexts and have experience with supporting both individuals, couples and families dealing with a wide range of difficulties - from transitioning to a new life period and looking for stable grounds, identity work and reconciling self in different relationships, conflict management and finding a respectful way to separate, dealing with substance or non-substance related difficulties and integrating experiences that accompany them, towards supporting people going through a difficult crisis (trauma, psychotic experience etc...), working not only individually but also keeping in mind the relevant others and inviting them whenever possible.

Qualifications and Experience


2011 MA Sociology Masaryk University Brno Czech Republic
2013 International Certificate in Collaborative Practices - Instituto Kanankil Merida Mexico
2014 MSc Psychotherapeutic Studies Masaryk University Brno Czech Republic
2016 Training in Systemic Solution Focused Therapy - Dalet Institute Olomouc Czechia
2018 Open Dialogue Training - Trauma sensitive approach to working with people in acute crisis - Narativ Institute Prague Czechia
2018 - Heilpraktikerin fur Psychotherapie - Berlin
2019 Peer Supported Open Dialogue Training - Mindfulness informed - Narativ Institute Prague Czechia


2014 - today Psychotherapist in private practice
2018 - 2020 Social Worker in the field of Social Psychiatry in Berlin
2015 - 2016 Individual and Family Therapist in the Substance ab/use treatment field in Brno
2014 and 2017 School Counsellor (Brno, Berlin)


Czech, English, German, Slovak, Spanish


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