Bo Mérei

Bo Mérei

Psychological Counselor and Systemic Expert-Coach

80 € / session

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80 € / session

Bo Mérei

Psychological Counselor and Systemic Expert-Coach in Berlin

Life's too short. Don't waste it trying to please/impress others. Instead, find your confidence, satisfaction and "realness". OWN YOU STORY. In-person (Kreuzberg) and online. Flexible pricing options.

Am Tempelhofer Berg 7D 10965 Berlin Am Tempelhofer Berg 7D 10965 Berlin

About Bo

From people-pleasing to authentic living. From approval-seeking to empowerment.

I'm passionate about working with people who feel that they'd like to change an aspect (or more) of their lives - be it their relationships, work, wellbeing, spirituality, or any other life aspect - but something seems to be holding them back. People who feel dissatisfied, who feel powerless in their lives, who spend too much time delivering on others' expectations. I'm passionate about this work because I'm passionate about living life to the fullest - it just seems such a waste not to. And I love seeing people transform their lives.

Deciding to own your story is, in a sense, deciding to love yourself. I believe every step you take in the direction of being a more authentic and more empowered you is a step taken towards satisfaction in your work, relationships, life. My mission is to encourage you to take a few of those steps, and I do that with compassion, empathy, and acceptance, as well as with full trust and respect for your process.

I serve my clients by facilitating their process of discovering how their lives can be - and will be! - authentic, empowered, balanced, and inspiring:
- as a coach, I facilitate the search for meaning, vision/objective definition as well as the identification of internal resources and strategies.
- as a counselor, I facilitate the deeper inner work, with the aim of boosting self-understanding, self-belief, and self-confidence. (As you walk your own authentic path, learning to trust yourself is key!).
- as a mindfulness & relaxation coach, I support them in self-managing everyday stress and anxiety.

Depending on the topic and one's personal preferences, I also work with symbols, fairytales, narrative and embodiment techniques.

My Approach

I believe that there is always a way out of difficult situations and I am always here to offer hope and encouragement to my clients. Show me a person "with problems", and I will see a person full of internal resources, ready to be discovered and used as a means to solve the "problem". If one has a challenge, they also have a potential solution. My goal is to assist this process of discovering inner strengths and working towards solutions and goals. For this reason, my approach is future- and present-focused, I only work with the past as and when relevant to the topic. For this reason, in many cases, positive changes are achieved already in a few sessions - and no commitment to a long process is necessary.

My world view and theoretical framework are based on the systemic approach and the integral framework - you can read more about both on the 'Counselor in Berlin' website. I work with an integrative approach with a variety of methods and offer several formats from short (min. 2-3 sittings) to long counseling processes. I also offer mindfulness training.

I offer online, as well as in-person sessions in Kreuzberg. Sliding-scale pricing available in some cases (as well as a limited number of free slots to those in need, if you're in a tough spot right now and can't afford counseling, I encourage you to get in touch or check out the "Pro Bono counseling" section of my website).

Free first consultation: When you get in touch for the first time, I offer a free, half-hour phone or video chat to get to know each other and talk about your objectives, as well as my approach. This is a chance for you to get an idea about who I am, how I work - in case you're not yet ready to make a decision, I'd encourage you to use this as a way to see how comfortable you feel after talking with me. Looking forward to meeting you!

Qualifications And Experience


Integral Psychology Counselor
Systemischer ECA-Expert Coach
Systemischer Coach (ECA - European Coach Association)
Fairytale analyst (Jungian-based fairytale therapy methodology)
Mindfulness Coach & Relaxation Therapist
M.A. Intercultural Communication


2017-today: Private practice in Berlin:
Counselor in Berlin | Tales for Life Berlin

2016: Private practice, Budapest
2004-2016: communication and management experience in Europe, Asia, Middle East


English, German, Hungarian


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