Valentina Calandra

Valentina Calandra

MSc Clinical Psychology

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70 € / session

Valentina Calandra

MSc Clinical Psychology in Berlin

As a trained psychological counsellor, I offer counselling for individuals and couples. I'm specialised in eating disorders and mood disorders, and practice an eclectic approach mainly based on CBT and feminist theory.

Prenzlauer Allee 186 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Allee 186 10405 Berlin

About Valentina

I grew up moving around a lot with my family, so I empathise greatly with the strife of being away from home and trying to integrate into an unfamiliar culture. I have always been passionate about psychology and have in the past years gained invaluable experience to equip me as a practitioner. I have studied neuroscience, addiction (from a sociological perspective as well), fundamental psychological theories, and specific therapeutic tools. I have practiced in a private clinic setting and worked with a wide variety of patients. I have experience with group therapy as well, and have treated patients with addiction, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, trauma, and relationship issues. I am comfortable working with clients of all ages.
Queer-positive; body-positive; polyamory-affirmative; feminist.

My Approach

My approach is mainly eclectic. I believe each person needs tailored therapy that pulls from all relevant theories and toolkits; some methods are better suited to some people and I adapt my approach based on the individual, the specific problems they are encountering, and their goals. I tend to focus on the present moment and on actionable tools so that clients can see the benefits of their therapy concretely. My psychological practice is about self-discovery and awareness and how we can channel this knowledge into changing maladaptive behaviours. I also practice a feminist therapy approach - a modality that focuses on seeing the personal as also political. The approach views gender, sexuality and other marginalising forces as a significant stressors on mental health, and applies a multicultural, egalitarian lens on psychotherapy.
I believe in creating a thoroughly safe and warm environment in therapy, where clients can be radically honest and experience relief and understanding. This creates the right basis for then doing the necessary to work to see changes and to evolve and grow past the problems you are currently experiencing.
I offer Skype sessions, in-person sessions, as well as group sessions on request.

Qualifications And Experience


2015-2017 MSc in Clinical Psychology from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands

2011-2015 BA in Psychology from Dickinson College, Pennsylvania


2019-present Private psychological counsellor

2015-2016 Psychologist at private clinic in The Hague and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2013 Counsellor at rehabilitation facility in Columbia, Maryland


English, Italian


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