Dr. Shay Kunstmann

Dr. Shay Kunstmann

Dr. phil. Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist

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100 € / session

Dr. Shay Kunstmann

Dr. phil. Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist in Berlin

Regardless of worldviews and orientations, I am happy to be there as a licensed trilingual psychotherapist in Berlin for people who seek support in coping with emotional stress, life crises or mental illness.

Greifenhagener Straße 7 10437 Berlin Greifenhagener Straße 7 10437 Berlin

About Shay

My personality is characterized by an innate passion to explore beyond the familiar and by a pronounced urge to broaden my horizons. I have shaped my entire life accordingly and thus feel blessed by a sense of fulfillment. Both my research and treatment practices as well as personal life experiences have shown me that effective healing, inner change and inner growth processes require a holistic approach, which is why I like to think outside the box of my own psychotherapy school and apply healthy practices connecting soul, body and mind both privately and professionally, day after day, gifting me satisfaction, a sense of realization, inner peace and a deeper meaning in life. As your advisory or psychotherapeutic companion, I would like to show you how you too can embark on a new path for a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

My Approach

In the center of my work lies a personal invitation to create a trusting, appreciative and humorous common ground at eye level with you, through which you will be able to gain new knowledge, break through previously invisible barriers, obtain new perspectives, revive and actively experience your own healing powers.

As an integrative psychotherapist, my work is characterized by a holistic approach. Accordingly, I am familiar with very different scientifically proven methods of psychotherapy and combine different schools in a flexible fashion according to your needs, so that you are best served. It is important to me to work with you to develop an individually tailored therapy or counseling plan that lives up to and embraces your uniqueness and your individual needs. My therapeutic work combines:

- cognitive-behavioral strategies (CBT)
- schema therapy
- ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy)
- Mindfulness and meditation
- Somatic Experiencing
- Mindful self-compassion
- Emotion-focused methods
- EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - speifically for the treatment of trauma-related conditions, chronic pain and some anxiety disorders).

I also attach great importance to innovative and creative work and therefore constantly follow the latest professional trends. With advanced trainings, continuous exchange between colleagues from different specialist disciplines and cooperations with psychotherapeutic institutions, I ensure that I can always support you applying the latest developments in science and research.

Qualifications And Experience


- Research and doctorate (Dr. rer. Nat.) at the Institute for Psychology at the Humboldt University in Berlin

- Master of Science Psychology at the Humboldt University in Berlin

- Bachelor of Science Psychology at the Humboldt University in Berlin

- Advanced training studies at the Berliner FortbildungsAkademie (cognitive behavioral therapy with a schema therapy focus) with subsequent licensing for practicing as a psychological psychotherapist by the State Office for Health and Social Affairs Berlin (LAGeSo Berlin), as well as an admission in the medical register at the Berlin Association of State Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin)

- Advanced training in trauma therapy on IT (Institut für Traumatherapie Berlin), certified by the DeGPT (German-speaking Society for Psychotraumatherapy)

- Certified EMDR therapist, granted by APP Cologne (Academy for Applied Psychology & Psychotherapy)

- Mindful Self-Compassion Training by Neff and Germer (Berkeley University, USA)


Praxis Dr. Kunstmann (2021 and still going)

Praxis Wegscheider (2020 and still going)

Trauma outpatient clinic of the Berliner FortbildungsAkademie (2020-2021)

Institute outpatient clinic of the Berliner Fortbildungsakademie (2017-2021)

Fliedner Klinik Berlin - ward for obsessive-compulsive disorders and anxiety disorders (2016-2017)

Psychotherapy ward of the GLG Hospital Angermünde (2016)

Psychiatric acute ward of the GLG Hospital Angermünde (2015)


English, German, Hebrew


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