Senada Mesic

Senada Mesic

Clinical Psychologist

80 € / session

200 € / 90 Minute Couple sessions

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The therapists timezone is Europe/Berlin

80 € / session

Senada Mesic

Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

If interested in working together with a soulful, soul-oriented, psychologist and life mentor: "Welcome!"

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About Senada


My name is Senada. I am a clinical psychologist (trained in Gestalt psychology at University) - living and working as a life coach and life mentor in Berlin Mitte.

My work is characterised by the following points:

• The basis of my work is to be found in the humanistic world and person view. You as a human being are the center of our work: You know what you currently need and want. What is making your life feel burdensome? What makes you feel stuck and suffering. I will “only” help you bring these topic(s)/issues to the foreground - making it/them conscious to yourself. Thus, you will be better capable to self-actualise.
• I will help you get a better feel for what it exactly is, that is missing, that feels “wrong”, that is occupying your mind - making you feel bad and suffering.
• I’ll help you extract and or recognise patterns, like: “Oh look! Issue X is repeating itself in my life!?” This will help us in our joint work and anlyses.
• We will look at your biography. Yet the focus of my work with you is the 'Here and Now': 
“What can ease my pain now? What can make my life energy flow more easily - now?”
• I will guide you through your current unhappy, “desert-like” inner landscape (you are probably in); I will provide you with feedback and share my observations on the way; will help you change your suboptimal behavioral and thinking patterns
• Lots of inspiration, feeling of security, dignity, optimism, hope and love - will be in the air and room.
• Where necessary: I will provide you with information and material and direct you to a psychotherapist - since I am not one and cannot accompany you adequately over longer time (1-3 years) of your life.

So ja! That’s it in a nutshell!

Hope to be of use to you with my many interests, experiences and energy -

My Approach

individualistic • client-centered • efficient • intensive • holistic • creative • soulful • spiritual • informative • scientifically grounded • experiential • warm • 'piscean' • humanistic • safe • highly analytical as well as highly sensitive • employing elements/interventions/tools of various schools (Depth psychology, Gestalt, Behavioral psychology, e.g.)

Qualifications And Experience


2004-2011 Study of clinical and social psychology at the University of Munich (LMU). Thesis in cognitive neuroscience (Orienting attention in space in short-term memory).
Diploma psychologist

Before that:
Employment/Training/Education in many various fields
• media (print; 10 years; various positions)
• health sector (various clinics in Munich, Germany)
• economy (BMW, SIEMENS - developing employee-oriented, value driven leadership programs)
• education field (language trainer)
• social field (worked with long-term unemployed people (I was curious to find out more how our society is treating poorer folks))
• life mentoring and "life coaching" (for the lack of a better word) since 2018

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Bosnian, Croatian, English, German, Serbian


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