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80 € / session


Clinical Psychologist in Berlin

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About Katherine

I am British- Colombian Psychologist dedicated to assisting people self-discovery and achieve positive change and personal growth. 

I provide you an opportunity to be truly heard, acknowledged and supported within a creative and private environment. Together we can develop conversations that lead to the understanding, confidence and balance needed to live a full and purposeful life. 

My Approach

That we suffer is not a personal failing, but the result of our evolutionary history. All living things are programmed to seek well-being and avoid pain; plants grow towards the light and even a simple amoeba will gravitate towards nutrition. We are no different.
What if a lot (if not most) of our actions were attempts to fulfil these imperatives?

Ironically, even our more destructive impulses are the result of our longing to seek well-being. For example, when someone jeopardises their livelihood or relationships through addiction, often its because on some level they are convinced that surrendering to their craving is how they will avoid pain.

Our history has given us the drive to seek well-being, but unfortunately it hasn’t left us well-equipped to actually attain it. Revising the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, others, our place in the world and how it is we are to avoid pain is the bread and butter of therapy: Re-writing these stories is the beginning of learning to belong to your life.

Although sometimes it is, therapy isn’t always about digging into your inner most thoughts and childhood memories exclusively, it can also be a practical everyday strategy for stress management and living a happier life. Having a therapist provides you a designated person who is trained to listen and identify blocks and points of conflict woven into the stories that make our life.

As they say in narrative psychology; you are not the problem, the problem is the problem.

Qualifications And Experience


I hold a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters Clinical Psychology & Positive Psychology, with specialisations and diplomas in Relational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Mindfulness Based Positive Psychology, Neuro-development, Neuro-education and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


2016-Today: Clinical Psychologist, Colombia & Berlin
2018- Today: Life Coach for Women, Colombia & Berlin
2019-Today: Counsellor at Linden Education, Berlin


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